Competitions & Fixtures

At Matchpoint Tennis we offer a range of fixtures programs to suit every age & level of player. Matches are offered every week across our various coaching venues catering from Hot Shots players to Tournament players.
Ages 8 – 12yrs

Hot Shots Matchplay

Designed for children currently participating in weekly Orange or Green Ball Hot Shots lessons. Matchplay is offered at North Lakes, Joyner & Kelvin Grove venues by our professional coaching team. Hot Shots Matchplay is the perfect platform for our players to put the skills they’ve learned during their Hot Shots lessons into practice in a safe, fun, relaxed atmosphere.

Each week supervising coaches run a variety of match-play formats to ensure children have the opportunity to experience all aspects of the game. Children will learn singles, doubles, how to score, umpire, ball-kid, sportsmanship and a variety of other essential tennis skillss

Ages 13 – 17yrs

Junior Fixtures

This Yellow Ball Fixtures competition is the perfect introduction into competitive match-play for teenagers. Whether your child is currently attending lessons or has previously attended lessons and now looking for somewhere to play with friends this is the perfect program for them. Matches are organised by our team of professional coaches and are held weekly through each school term. Matchpoint currently offers this program at North Lakes & Joyner venues. Players play singles and doubles, learn the rules of the game, how to score, umpire, sportsmanship and many other important skills to ensure they can enjoy tennis for life.
Green Ball Juniors to Adults & Tournament Players

Tennis Brisbane SuperLeague​

Matchpoint Tennis North Lakes, Joyner & Kelvin Grove are hosting clubs of Tennis Brisbane’s various League competitions. These are organised team fixture competitions for players of all standards and ages. You can enter your own team of friends or Matchpoint will place you in a team with players of a similar age and standard. Traveling is required as matches are held weekly across the various Tennis Brisbane hosting clubs.

There are two seasons of competitions held each year, one in the first half of the year and the other in the second half of the year. If you are looking to play as part of a team, in a fun but competitive environment then this is the perfect competition for you.

All Tennis Brisbane competitions are gender neutral and based solely on ensuring players are placed in divisions & teams according to their level of play.

We currently offer the following Tennis Brisbane Competitions: